Diary blog – Control.

Over the last few days, I’ve settled on the fact that many aspects of life (and what happens in it) are really out of my control. From having a steady job with good satisfaction and an everyday routine of fitness and healthy eating, you could say my life was ‘under control’. However, since moving to Vietnam I’ve had to let go of this ‘control’ concept and learn to just roll with the punches. Although some aspects of my life I am still in control, like my gym routine, my weekend plans and my who I choose to socialise with. On the other hand, I’ve had to let go of knowing where exactly I’m heading in life.

In a way I’ve found it a bit unsettling not knowing what I am going to be doing next year. Thoughts I’ve experienced are: Am I still going to teach? Shall I move back home and become a personal trainer? Where am I going to be living next year? Will my next job bring me more satisfaction? When will I move home and really settle down? The answers to all of these questions are still totally unclear, but the fact of the matter is…. it doesn’t matter.

Life has a funny way of panning out just the way its supposed to. I’ve come to terms with the fact that its out of my control and thats the exciting thing about it. I am a great believer in fate and wherever my next job is will be the right one at the time. I’m definitely setting my sites high on whats to come. My whole life so far has seemed to fall into place pretty easily, and I’ve been lucky enough not to have much hardship. I think thats why I’m finding this slightly rocky path in Vietnam challenging at times. I went to a great school, got good grades to go to university, came out of Uni and moved straight onto a teacher training course, and from that I landed a job at a high class school teaching sport.

Since moving to Vietnam and working at VAS, I have recently had thoughts of doubt with my job. Maybe these big moves and life changes are what make you realise what is really important in life. For me, job satisfaction is a big one and with VAS having a low value towards sport and PE, the satisfaction element of my job has taken a hit. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to teach anymore necessarily. It has made me realise that being in a school where sport is highly valued and facilitated makes the job a hell of a lot more satisfying. So thats what I’m striving for next!

Living in Vietnam can’t be faulted when it comes to lifestyle and I’ve gained a lot more time to work on myself. I have plenty of time to go to the gym each night (yey) and still socialise when I want. But it’s also got me thinking this is my time to do more with my life. I’ve recently completed a Personal Training course, so now is the time to get using it. I am looking into building a business whilst I am here, working with clients in the local vicinity and also coaching clients online. Because… why not?

If I can’t get much satisfaction from my current school, its time to create my own. Keep looking out for my new business ideas coming up. If you are interested in starting a fitness journey, whether it be losing weight, gaining muscle or generally just getting healthier – let me know!

Motto of this blog – focus on solving problems that are within your control. Also think balanced thoughts about what is within your control and what isn’t. (Ideas taken from the book ’13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do’ by Amy Morin.) Highly recommend!


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