Leaving home for Vietnam

Having been here 6 weeks I wanted to start sharing my experiences with you. I’m going to start with the first 2 weeks when it was all a total whirlwind. Looking back the first 2 weeks it seemed like one massive holiday. It’s all a blur now, it didn’t seem real.

We (Jonny and I) departed Manchester Airport, UK on Wednesday 1st August 2018. Our parents took us to the airport separately and we met there. I remember feeling sick with nerves in the car but I didn’t want to let my family know I was scared, because I’m a “tough cookie”. The lead up to moving away I was totally excited, no nerves at all. But when it came to leaving my family behind I was an emotional mess. You don’t realise how much family means to you until you are apart. I have always been very close with my family so the whole ordeal seemed a lot harder for me. Jonny however was hard as nails. Sat in departures looking out at our plane I was an ocean of tears, I don’t know what had come over me, I couldn’t stop crying! This is not like me. Even on the first plane to DXB I would randomly break out in tears for no apparent reason. Jonny being Jonny knew exactly what to do in the situation. We talked it out and then ended up laughing about it, the best!


The past 4 months of planning the exciting big move was all becoming real.

As we landed in Saigon, my nerves and emotions seemed to turn to excitement. With everything going smoothly from visa collection and hotel pick up we made it to our first destination, Ruby River Hotel, District 1, Saigon. This would be our home for the next 7 nights.

We arrived and were quickly checked in. They obviously didn’t think we were a couple as the school had booked 2 separate rooms on different floors! We squashed into 1 of the rooms (no wardrobes or drawer space) with all our bags covering the entire floor of the room and this is how we would live for the next 7 nights … out of a suitcase!

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